Mr. Joshi Sir


"Shri. Joshi Sir has always shaped our society in past and will help to shape our future also."

He is a commendable person with exemplary character. He is a trustworthy person, whom many strive to follow. He has lived his life with honesty and integrity.

He is always enthusiastic about the cause of the people. He has the ability to see what is good or bad for the people in the long run. He approaches a problem in a holistic manner and never believes himself different from others.

Sir believes in discipline. He is tolerant and takes his decision keeping emotions and personal matters aside.

Sir is a person with excellent logical and analytical skills. He looks at each and every aspect of the situation before arriving to any decision and never loses his temper in difficult situations. He thinks positively in each situation.

Sir always focuses towards his goals. He is a great visionary of his time.

Sir is proactive in nature; he strives after perfection in every endeavor.

An inspiration to all. At this age Sir, through his speeches on Human anatomy and physiology, helps students of higher classes to understand fundamentals of subjects like human digestion.

Sir is the backbone of the school and pillar of the community. A friend, philosopher, guide to all.



"We find that actions we undertake which are motivated not by narrow self interest but out of our concern for others actually benefit ourselves. And not only that, they make our lives meaningful."