The school endeavors to inculcate habits of cleanliness and neatness. The school uniform consists of a white shirt and grey shorts (white trousers in classes VI to X), a school belt and tie, white socks and lace up black shoes. (white canvas shoes for PT). Students are not permitted to attend school if they are improperly dressed. Over 30 years old, this school clings to traditional School uniform.

Student Characteristics

  • Keep their school clean and neat and clean.
  • Respect to the authorities, teachers and all elderly ones.
  • Being aware of social structure and national goals and to accept and discharge personal responsibilities.
  • They aspire to be mentally, physically and psychologically strong.

School Timings

Morning : LKG, UKG : 08 am - 12 pm
Afternoon : 1-10th : 10.55 am - 05 pm