Students are prepared for examinations conducted by the SSC board and department of Education. The course of studies includes Mathematics, General Science, History, Geography, Crafts, Hindi, Marathi, English Language and Physical Training. Computers have been introduced from classes I to X.
Great stress is placed on co-curricular activities and character building program. The medium of instruction throughout is English with Hindi being the 2nd and Marathi being the 3rd language.


Language Pattern

The IES is an English Medium School. We follow three language pattern, given by Government of India, Maharashtra state and ZP and Department of Education. The medium of instruction is English, Hindi being a compulsory 2nd language. Marathi being the state language is a compulsory 3rd language up to class X.


Progress & Promotion

  1. Promotion to new classes is made in April.
  2. Tests are given in accordance with the ZP, Department of Education and Right to Education Policy 2010. Students from STD 1 -8th are promoted accordingly to the ZP rules.
  3. Promotions are indicated in the Final report in April and students are promoted to their new classes in April each year.
  4. Students who are frequently absent during the year or missing the Final Examinations are liable to lose their promotion for STD 9,10th.
  5. Students who are over age for their class and fail to get promoted will be asked to leave school. (STD 9th, 10th)

Physical Development

Games are considered to be an integral part of the school curriculum, they develop character and every opportunity is given to the children to take an active part in games. The various games played are organized as School activities, and are held within the school campus. The students participate in various sporting activities. Our school celebrates Sports day, we have lezim, dumbbells, dand yudha, and various games of valor.
Our school has a Band of 75 students. Every Republic day we take a band march along the streets of Vadgaon sheri. This Band troupe has become the attraction of the day in the suburbs. We do take part in the Sadhu Vaswani Peace march.



"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
The day starts with pious verses of Saraswati Vandana, Guru Bramha, Asato ma, pasaydan, manache shloka, Geeta recitals and Ganpati atharva shirshya in the assembly. Students who are interested in Indian Music are given an opportunity to present an item in the school on every occasion.
We send students for Geeta recital competitions, where we did secure first position despite being an English Medium school. Competitions are held for Geeta recitals and Manache shloka recitals. The students are trained by competent teachers for Powada, tabla-peti, various dances forms and other talents.